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NEXT companies is a web solutions company that is focused on bringing best in class, simple and intuitive products to market. Since 1997, NEXT has been launching and hosting innovative web solutions for the educational and corporate markets. We invite you to try out our products and experience the NEXT web difference. 


Welcome to Your Digital Workplace.


OfficeDaily delivers dynamic digital workplaces that bring your people, processes and information together to create a more productive workforce and dynamic culture.  

It is packed full of features that can help any organization create a workplace that is more informed, connected, empowered, productive and engaged. One low monthly price gets you and your employees access to all of the great features OfficeDaily offers.


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Payroll Sales Quoting System


PayQuote delivers a web-based system that will allow your team to close more deals, close them faster and make your payroll services look more professional.


PayQuote is a fully customizable quoting system for the Payroll Service Bureau that centralizes all of a company’s sales quotes, while providing the sales team an easy to use guide for quote creation


.All of the company’s services/products are added to PowerQuote, with the calculations for pricing built right into the system. Each line item calculation is predetermined so each sales person can accurately quote every time. 

Web Accessibility Solution for Schools & Districts


One in five people have a disability that can prevent them from gaining access to web content. Equal access to information via the web is not only morally right, but is required by the government. The way we design and deliver sites, pages and content needs to be re-thought and re-deployed. Our solutions include page and content audits, compliance fixes, information organization, site navigation, staff training and content redelivery strategies. Allow our team of web accessibility specialists to collaborate with your district to develop and deploy a strategy for site compliance, with the ultimate goal of delivering a better web solution.   

Sales & Opportunity Tracking Made Simple


Have your reps use RainMaker...The easiest way to hunt, track and win deals for your organization.  With a click of the button you can generate and manage all of your quotes, access your pipeline, manage your reps, and attack your top opps!  Don't let your sales team be without RainMaker!

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Business Websites Made Easy


The benefits of choosing the cutting-edge pre-designed template web solution is manifold. In addition to presenting a website that is rich, distinctive and visually appealing, SiteWizard is a highly scalable content management and development system that enables multiple content creators within an organization to post information quickly and directly to the web, while maintaining consistency through customizable page templates. Our solution distributes the development of departments, manages rapid updates, audit trails, and approval chains.


Enjoy features like forms, staff directory, e-commerce, news, filing cabinet, calendars and more. Contact us today to see how we can help your business needs.